Many of us know of the continent Africa and the animals that come from here.   However Natsume, INC is taking us there in this game.  So stap on your hiking shoes as you may get a chance to be right in the thich of things. 




As a PS3 owner I am kinda glad someone is taking the simple Pokemon Snap to the next level.  While some of you all now mock me for wanting to try this kind of game.  The thought of seeing how they did on this game makes me tingle with fear and joy.  I know the closes I ever came to Africa was when I was off the coast back in 2005.  


Think of it as being an interactive role taking photos of exotic animals you will only see at the ZOO.  With the Launch of PS3’s new firm ware 3.0 if you have a Japan account you can get this Premium Theme for free.  At least if you get this for free you can see if a premium theme is right for you to spend money on.

[video: 300×400]

About the game like I said earlier it appears to be simple as taking pictures of animals with out getting to close.  Now it does appear the wild life will react to you so watch out who you get to close to.  

[video: 300×400]

So if your looking for something relaxing I would suggest this game.  As I will try to rent this when it comes out.  If not I will try to get it down the road at a lower cost of course. 

 Until then I ask if you were to play this game what animal would you want to take the most pictures of?  For me it is the Rhino as I love that animal.