The title does a terrible “job” of revealing what I want to discuss: videogames that haven’t been released here.

        Back when the clunky original DS had just come out, I had no interest in it and I had no job. The only handheld I had was the Game Boy Advance. There were still games coming out for it, just not as much. Because of my love for RPGs,  I decided to go to to see if there were any RPGs I had missed out on.

        While many speak out against judging the proverbial book by its cover, I feel that if I am able to see pictures of the game, even if they’re just character drawings/profiles, I would feel more inclined to attempt to find out more about it, despite my over the top love of Rogue.

       So, I went to the pictures section and perhaps needless to say to those who have been to the site, or to, I was subsequently shocked out of my mind at the sheer amount of games I had seen.

         There were series I had heard of, but there were also those that I had not, yet they looked rather interesting, and something I would potentially buy. I couldn’t understand why exactly those games had not been released here.

         I still want to play Tales of Phantasia,  Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon, and Torneko’s Great Adventure 2 Advance!

        After first purchasing my PSP, I went to the site to see what RPGs were out; I don’t know what it is about games beginning with “Tales of”, but for whatever reason, they seem more interesting and look fantastic. However when I saw Tales of Eternia, I felt restrained excitement, because I had figured that this game wouldn’t be released here. This is one instant in which I continue to wish I was wrong about.

      I also went to, and they had an article about Magna Carta Portable. I had wanted to play the game since its original release on the PS2, but the one at our house broke, so I didn’t get it. I thought,”It would be GREAT if this comes out here!” But, it never did.

       News of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 being released on the PSP came out in August; it will be released the same day the PSP Go is, and as a result, it will be released as a UMD and a digital download on the PSN. I am going to restrain my excitement again, however, I have a bit more hope because if it’s coming out on the PSN in Japan, there is(or seems to be) a strong possibility of it coming out over here at least as a download.

      Another disappointment comes courtesy of websites that decide to put up information about games that will never be released here. If it’s not going to be released here, I don’t need to know about it.

       I remember the hatred I felt when 1up decided to post an article about the sequel the the Macross game on the PSP. After all, this information is useless, because I did not import my PSP, and it isn’t hacked.

       While the price to play is a bit much at times, to me, it’s better than hacking, because the people responsible for the product profit from it, and, most importantly, they have an incentive to continue making these games.

         With the way things are, though, I understand more and more why it is that most people actually hack(to my knowledge, I have two cousins that do it, but they DO have two PSPs, so the hacked one is used for games that won’t be released here, while everything else is purchased).

          I also love survival horror. I had wanted to see videos of Fatal Frame 3, but while I was typing “Fatal Frame”, Fatal Frame 4 was one of the things that appeared. I wanted to know if there really was a fourth game in the series, and found out that it would curiously enough, not be released here. People complain about the lack of mature games out on the Wii. Ju-On will supposedly be released in October; Cursed Mountain has also been released.

          While it’s great that these two games have been released on the Wii, Nintendo’s decision to NOT release a game in a pretty decently established series such as Fatal Frame is inexcusable to many. The only way for them to get an English(courtesy of a fan translation) version of the game would be by purchasing a physical copy, and get the Homebrew Channel on their Wii.

        However, it’s pricey, and Nintendo will ultimately suffer from this, because some people said that they were willing to get a Wii just for this particular game. While doing something like that is rather wasteful, the company would have profited from this.

        In some cases, not releasing games elsewhere is due to the game not being popular, or some stupid legal mumbo jumbo. However, there are instances where it is not released here, because frankly, they don’t want to(one instance is Soma Bringer for the DS, another is Initial D for the PSP).

        If the companies don’t want people to hack their games, wouldn’t it be logical to release them here?