SEO Expert logoEditor’s note: This post is sponsored by SEO Expert.

SEO Expert, a search engine optimization firm based in Manhattan, is running a new program where instead of charging clients the typical monthly retainer of between $500 and $5000 per month, they’re offering what they think clients really want: SEO advice for a one-time fee.

Paying an SEO firm an ongoing monthly retainer is not only expensive and risky, but it also requires that you give them access to your code and ongoing communication and billing. After surveying countless potential customers, SEO Expert found that what people really want is a comprehensive SEO report/strategy guide customized for their site/industry/keywords; encompassing 10-15 pages, which they can execute on their own using in-house staff. Although the per-client revenue is lower for SEO Expert under this model, they believe volume will more than make up for it. “If you give the customer what they want, everything else will take care of itself” states founder Sean O’Brien.

In addition to not having to distribute FTP access, clients also benefit in that they can reuse the knowledge gained on future projects and sites. Although each report is customized to the site for which it’s written, many of the concepts will carry over from site to site. Each report includes keyword research, trends, CPC equivalent comparisons, and step by step instructions on how to improve your SEO. Using this method, SEO Expert feels many companies can reduce the need to hire an expensive SEO expert in-house, since other staff such as programmers and/or marketers can execute all of the recommended steps.

Why trust that SEO Expert knows what they’re doing? They’re ranked in the top 10 results out of millions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing results when people search for a “seo expert” (quotes not required). To get a quote for the one-time report, visit their SEO Quote page.