dickcostolo050Twitter chief operations officer Dick Costolo spoke briefly about his new position at the fast-growing microblogging network during the TechCrunch50 trade show in San Francisco.

Costolo, who sold Feedburner to Google two years ago for $100 million, started at Twitter last week. Costolo presumably never needs to work again, so why did he join the company?

“The more I thought about it, I saw that it is potentially one of those pivotal companies. There aren’t that many of them, they don’t come along that often and you don’t get a chance to work on them. I could have started my own thing. No matter how successful you’ve been in the past, your next project will still have a very, very, very limited chance of success.”

He was reticent about how he plans to help Twitter scale and whether he would sacrifice quality for growth.

“I’ll dig into all that and see where I can make an impact. I know where the bathroom is and I found my desk.”