There is a lot of apps to wade through on the iTunes store. Since the iPhone and iPod Touch have exploaded in popularity as a gaming machine, every developer is out releasing and re-releasing numerous games, some right for the platform and others that shouldn’t exist. Thankfully, id Software has created a game that is perfect for the platform, fun in short bursts and simple.

Wolfenstein RPG is a reimagining of the classic first person shooter which has you assume the role of OSS agent B.J. Blazkowicz, as you infiltrate Nazi stronghold Castle Wolfenstein which may hide Nazi occult experiments and odd characters. Except instead of running and gunning, you’ll be partaking in a turn based adventure full of stats, experience points, and items.

As you travers through the levels, every action and movement counts as a turn. If this sounds aggrivating to always be stopped, the turn action only kicks in when an enemy is confronted. Every action is governed by your stats and weapons equipped. As you attack, variables like focus, weapon damage, and evasion result in hits, misses, and critical attacks. It’s a suprisingly fun system that makes the combat and progression feel like a loot grab game, as you constantly level up and become more powerful.

There’s a lot of variety and tounge in cheek humor here instead of all turn based battles. Levels include a rail shooting section, mini games, and special boss battles. Mini games include chickin kicking and a game of War against an insane German officer using Nazi gold as betting money. These games are nice diversions to keep you from getting too bored with all the shooting and can also be played from the menu if you don’t feel like going through the game to get to them. The boss battles are also clever and add another layer of variety. The first boss battles are turn based to get you used to the system, but later bosses have you thinking about the system and how to best use it to your advantage, like fighting a Nazi spy in a no weapons battle trying to knock each other into various death traps like a chess game.

A few issues come up throughout the game. Enemy sprites are used over and over again throughout the game, but just renamed differently. The game is also extremely difficult in later stages. The early hours of the game provide tons of health kits and items, but this doesn’t help against later enemies and bosses where items are sparce. It’s a bit unbalanced and you’ll have to fight battles of attrition to pass.

The game is still a fun romp though. If you don’t mind the insane difficulty in later stages and reoccuring enemy sprites, the game’s addicting combat and tongue in cheek humor make for a great iPhone game.

Score: B+