totaltrainerThis seriously out of shape woman from TotalTrainer says that gyms are failing us. Too often, we join a gym, go for a while, then drop out.

Fitness centers are addressing that somewhat these days by using computers to log your exercise sessions. But they don’t always have a plan that brings together exercise routines, smart nutrition, and reliable expert support.

TotalTrainer is launching at the DEMOfall 09 conference (which begins today in San Diego) a system for fitness centers that does just that. The idea is to help fitness centers better retain and serve their customers. Fitness centers can use the system to optimize results and revenues and keep their members happy. It generates custom diet programs and meal plans around each person’s specific caloric/macronutrient needs, their allergies and sensitivities, and specific fitness needs. For instance, it figures out if you are drinking enough water during the day. And it will adjust your diet based on how well you seem to be metabolising your food, given the level of exercise and amount of food you are eating.

spinningFor food suggestions, TotalTrainer has lots of meal recipes and other food-related options. It can deliver them via smart phones, the web, and the iPhone. The company keeps you on the wagon by getting you to make an appointment with a personal trainer every two weeks. You go over the plan and adjust it as necessary.

As for the exercise side, the software has more than 500 different exercises, using various types of equipment, with videos that show how to do the exercises. You can also customize an exercise to create a custom exercise.

More than 45 million Americans belong to health clubs, but obesity continues to rise. Although it sounds promising, the company is entering a crowded field. Rivals include HyperStrike,, StrengthEdge, New Wave Training and HighTech Trainer. The Laguna, Niguel, Calif.-based company has seed capital and angel funding.