twirl-tvTwirl TV has launched a new social TV web site for friends to share TV viewing experiences, even when they’re not together. The company, debuting at this week’s DEMOfall 09, is launching its browser gateway, which “brings the virtual living room to the YouTube on-demand generation via a four-foot social TV experience.”

Viewers create their own networks of primetime TV shows across many network web sites. On stage, Twirl TV showed the site, indicating how you can select your shows to watch from a bunch of TV networks. If you click on ABC, you see the shows that are available for you to follow, as a season pass. Once you’ve signed up, the service shows you what shows you still haven’t watched in the series. You can watch them in a full-size window on the computer.

twirl-2When you log in, the upper left-hand part of the site shows what is new for you, what your friends have shared, what’s hot, and other categories. You can see which friends have watched the episode and share it with those who haven’t. You can see the networks of your friends.

You can share episodes, see what TV shows their friends watched, and watch simultaneously with friends. You get email alerts of your favorite shows and can watch TV shows anytime, anywhere, on a laptop. It finds your friends via Facebook Connect and is integrated with Twitter and MySpace.