spigitlogoA company called Spigit has built sites for more than 2 million businesses to collect ideas from employees and customers. Now it says it’s hoping to reach an even larger audience by folding its idea collection tools into Microsoft Sharepoint, the software giant’s popular technology for business collaboration.

Microsoft says Sharepoint passed $1 billion in sales last year, and it has called Sharepoint its fastest-growing product ever. Still, Sharepoint shortcomings, says Spigit founder and chief technology officer Padmanabh Dabke.

“Most of the Fortune 500 companies have used Sharepoint in one way or another,” Dabke says. “Typically the usage is limited to all sorts of different departments taht are using it for document management, maybe coupled with project management in some areas. But there’s not the depth to which Spigit goes in terms of supporting ideation.”

Creating a place where team members can post ideas is easy, he adds, but figuring out how to sort through ideas and make sure the best ones get noticed is harder. Spigit for Sharepoint allows managers to go to an IdeaPoint tab in SharePoint, and see data — like a dashboard of hot topics, a reputation scoring system for employees, or tools to build your own workflow for selecting the best ideas.

Spigit’s planning to announce even closer integration between SharePoint and Spigit features in the next few months, Dabke says. For now, though, it’s also part of a broader company strategy to put the product in environments that companies are already using.

Spigit is based in Pleasanton, Calif. Its customers include IBM, Pfizer, and Wal-Mart.