Is there anyone as a kid who didn’t have at least one of the Choose Your Own Adventure series on their bookshelves? In case you were born in the ’90s, these innovative and fun-to-read stories were a million times better than regular books because the choices you made determined the outcome of the adventure. A CYOA could be 100 pages — but choose poorly, and it might end at page 10.

The last CYOA book was published in 1998, but the franchise obviously struck a chord with readers because a couple of fellas named “The Duncan Brothers” over at have created their own choose…err, select your own adventure story entitled The Deepening [via Atom]:


Want to fight back and punish those terrorists for interrupting your morning coffee? Go for it! Want to cower in the corner like a little girl? See what happens. Bravo, guys — you made us feel both old and excited for the advancement of technology at the same time! Click here to watch/play for yourself.