The big draws at DEMOfall 09, the emerging technology conference co-produced by VentureBeat, were of course the 70 companies launching or previewing new products. But now that we’ve pointed out the best of the bunch, it’s important to note that DEMO isn’t just about the presentations. It’s also about hallway conversations, swapped business cards, and oh yeah, dancing.

So after covering 56 launching companies and 14 Alpha Pitches, here are some pictures of the rest of DEMO.


VentureBeat Editor Matt Marshall inherits DEMO Executive Producer Chris Shipley’s dancing shoes. Yeah, we posted this once already, but I think it’s worth publishing again.


The opening reception.
demo-last-6Matt Marshall and Chris Shipley engage in on-stage banter. Note that Chris’ index cards are much bigger than Matt’s. [photo by Dean Takahashi]

demo-last-2Chris Shipley (far left) talks to Donna Dubinsky, co-founder of brain-based software maker Numenta, and Numenta’s partners. [photo by Dean Takahashi]

demo-last-5All 70 companies got to show off their wares inside the DEMO circus tent. [photo by Dean Takahashi]


Chris Shipley dances with Mashable Co-Editor Ben Parr.

demo-last-4Under the circus tent, people will do anything to get you to notice their demo. [photo by Dean Takahashi]


Attendees unwind at the “DEMO After Dark” party.

demo-last-3VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha (i.e., me) is hard at work outside the DEMO hotel. I only lasted a few minutes because the sunshine was too bright. Sunlight is bad for bloggers. [photo by Dean Takahashi]

augustin-pincusJudges Larry Augustin (of SugarCRM) and Mark Pincus (of Zynga) discuss the presenting companies. VentureBeat writer Dean Takahashi and I were big fans of Pincus’ shoes.


The winners of DEMO’s new lifetime achievement award.


Incoming DEMO Executive Producer Matt Marshall and outgoing Executive Producer Chris Shipley with Pat McGovern, founder and chairman of IDG, which owns the DEMO brand and organizes the conference with VentureBeat.


Chris Shipley imparts one last (dance) lesson to IDG’s chairman Pat McGovern. [photo by Dean Takahashi]

[All photos courtesy of DEMO and taken by Kenneth Yeung, unless otherwise noted.]