“Love and care for your dreamcast.. for the moment you didn’t ill come and get it myself.. har har har..”

Warning: im guy form philippines who doesnt own a sega dreamcast but wants to own one even it its 2nd or 3rd hand.. but im happy to know that the system is alive and well.. thinking.

First of all.. happy 10th b-day dreamcast dont die on us!!!

Next Gen or Retro gaming..

Dreamcast versus next gen.. surely many people nowadays think that slapping a good visuals or remaking a game into a new and powerful platform doesn’t mean that it will always sell. Giving platform a boost on functionality sometimes gives a weird feeling. From my point of view and from the guys who love and support sega, i patronize retro gaming and having chance to be born and live to see sega built a machine as good as the dreamcast, i also loved sonic and with this team up gives a memorable sense of companionship(think of you having fun playing games that was built for fun) that will last a lifetime. Peolple who doesnt know sega or loved it think that it is waste of time giving this system a chance in your tv. Due to console wars people doesnt know the value of an age were are fathers probably played there first super mario level cleared, slashing some monsters in zeld, or completing all the rings in sonic. People are so into next gen that they even throw away there respect for there fellow gamers specially  in luch were people kill each other or scamming young kids at ebay just to earn that. Next gen gives people options in gaming but also in how they treat at respect other people. Next gen people are so nasty compared to retro gamers. Ive seen things happen like when people play halo.. they usually swear man that’s bad and majority of this gamers are kids.. well people of retro though old respect other people, they even organize parties like the one in athens.. hope that in this blog people change the way they act because if next gen is like this.. the future of gaming is not clear.. more power to the dreamcast and to bitmob and to the lost EGM crew.. love u guys..

thanks for the opportunity in writing to you..

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