So you think you play a lot of games, eh? Think you know all the characters out there? Well, prove it, buster, with our inaugural edition of Guess Who. Every other week we’ll post five seemingly random clues from the perspective of a specific video game character. Who? Um, hello — that’s your job to find out! Guess it correctly and feel special. Guess wrong and feel like a total loser. Or cheat and feel like an all-knowing, but still total loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Good Luck.

Mario Block

Guess Who

1. People who think guys can’t rock the color pink deserve a good ol’ punch in the kisser.

2. Using exclamation marks is so awesome!! Seriously!! Have you ever tried it??!!

3. I find Big Macs rather insulting. Yeck.

4. Fighting is my way of life. My shining star, so to speak.

5. Pace Picante Sauce needs to shut it — New York City has great salsa, assholes!

Who am I?

Continue after the break to find out.


I am Little Mac from Punch-Out!!, duh!