Please note that my thoughts on this game are my own and someone may think differently then I.  Also I only played till reaching the Stark tower after the prologue on the PS3.  Even though I have not finished the game I can still comment on it like I have due to it being me.





I popped my game and got a patch and after that patch I had to wait for the game to load as well.  For someone who wanted to jump straight into the action I was being disappointed from the start you could say.  Finally when I get in I start a single player game since Tommy had to go some where for a little bit.

I have been sitting here for ten minutes now trying to figure out if I should be blunt about this I wish were not changed or try to be fair.  Really I hate the direction this went and can’t find anything good about it.  Not even fusions can warm me over on how I am feeling.  I just added the wish list part to my title cause I am going to explain what I wish for in this game they took away from me.


  • I wish for the top down view to be back.  This wonky camera does not cut it for me really.  Even in co-op it is to wonky for me to want to play hours on end.
  • I wish for more customizable moves and not buffs which should be on the moves.  You really disappointed when you took away this portion of the game.  One reason why it was huge on the RPG element.  
  • Fusions I think you missed the mark on this.  The fusions are limited and get repetitive to quickly, but that is just me.  So have more of them then a hand full or just scrap the whole idea of them.
  •  I wish to save my progress and not just my collectibles on Co-Op.  Really I was able to do it on the first which helps the gamer.  So in a sense your are now hindering if the player has to go all the way back through it.
  • I wish I could map things for my self in stead of having pre rendered buttons.
  • I wish that there was a way to control the healing to one person or really just another way of doing health all together.  Due to button lay it can get used pretty quickly if you don’t know what your doing.
Because I loved the story line of the actual comic series I know I will enjoy the story line.  So once I am done with the story and got a few more trophies I am going to trade it in for Borderlands.  As well I am going to find the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance because that one deserves to be in my collection more then this game.  Then again I want to try the PSP version as it looks like the original.
As much as I hyped about this game it looked good till I got to play it.  Sorry guys.  I was just hoping for the best and other then story and graphics there really ain’t much good I will say about this game.  Oh wait the fun you have in multi-player can be had in any game.
*Thank You Tommy for the Multi-Player games.*