As most of us surely know by now, pre ordering does little to nothing as far as being “guaranteed” a copy of that game you’ve been hopelessly waiting for. While retailers use preorders to gauge interest in a title, (and make interest) they for the most part will have extra copies of said game on hand.

With that being said, take a look around you. Maybe you’re at work in your cubicle or at home reading this while some TV judge issues his verdict regarding some out of control teen. Are there any pre order “bonus” gifts within sight? In my cubicle,



just within reach I see a Dialga stylus, a Ryu headband, a Giratina mini figure and a mini Ryu bust that was given as a bonus for pre ordering SF II anniversary collection on PS2. 

Personally, I’d rather not make the minimum $5 commitment, because as soon as I drop the cash, some other retailer sweetens the deal with some sort of pre order bonus. I’ll be the first to admit. I’m a sucker for pre order bonus gifts. I’ll go through great lengths to get my hands on some free stuff, as long as it’s tangible mind you. Forget all that in-game stuff. Who cares if your gun is gold! Do you have a rooster hat? Thought so.


I can proudly admit that the freebies enticing as they are don’t usually effect my decision to purchase a game-albeit there are times I will make a purchase on day one as opposed to a game I planned on buying used later down the line. Pro tip: Want my attention? Throw in a cool freebie. So, do pre order bonuses sway your intentions or have they in the past? Have you bought a game just for the bonus? If so, share-if anything just so I know I’m not alone.