laura-ipsenI’m pleased to announce that Laura Ipsen, VP and General Manager for Cisco Systems‘ Smart Grid Business Unit, will be joining us as a speaker at GreenBeat 2009.

Over the next several days, you’ll be hearing more announcements about our exciting lineup for GreenBeat 2009, the seminal conference on technologies that are disruptive to outmoded parts of our electrical grid, and which push forward the Smart Grid.

The event will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area on Nov. 19. We’ve already got a great docket of speakers planned, from former vice president and father of the Smart Grid, Al Gore, to leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr.

Cisco Systems, the Bay Area giant that helped shape the internet over the past two decades, is now eying the nation’s energy transmission system as a major new area for growth. Cisco recently announced its own consortium of companies adopting common IP-based communications standards. In doing so, it hopes to foster an interoperable ecosystem for sending and receiving energy consumption data — a key part of the Smart Grid now that utilities are becoming more intelligent about when and where to route power. It joins a diverse range of companies, from Google to Tendril, that want to put consumers back in charge of how much power they use — and even allow them to contribute electricity from rooftop solar panels, wind turbines and other sources back to the grid. If history is any indication, Cisco will be one of the leaders in this charge.

Come see Ipsen discuss the company’s strategy in this fast-moving business: Sign up now to attend GreenBeat 2009, and get an early bird discount of $255 off the regular price!