Some of y’all may be thinking that this is over rated, but I don’t.  May be it is not what you are thinking.  So lets get this topic started all ready.



Many games have some kind of insect as one of the enemies you have to beat up.  The most common one is the spider.  Lately with certain games we have seen an influx with giant centipede type enemies that come from under ground.  (Example: Darksiders boss while on flaming horse)

 So is it that only Spiders & Centipede’s are scary enough to enemies out side the occasional ant?  I think Earth Defense Force 2017 or how ever you say the name I think only used giant bugs in this game.

My question to you is there another scary insect developers should look at using?  Also is using bugs in game just simple and easy to do ploy instead of doing something original?