sony-21Sony’s PSPgo — the latest version of its PlayStation Portable — is going on sale tonight at midnight in stores across the country. More than 200 games will be available for digital download into the device.

We caught up with Sony’s director of hardware marketing, John Koller, at Sony’s recent PSPgo preview party in San Francisco. Knoller says that Sony’s own surveys showed that the desire to purchase games online through digital downloading has skyrocketed in recent years. In the video below, he walks us through the different types of games — from full games to mini games and older titles — with different pricing strata.

The new device is small, feels light in your hand, and plays cool high-definition games and movies with vibrant colors.

Sony will also keep its original PSP-3000 in the market but at a lower price than the PSPgo. Will Sony’s answer to the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch win back the loyalty of hardcore gamers?