romansLatin is one of the five new tongues added today to Facebook’s 70-plus supported languages for the site’s interface, along with Azeri, Faroese, Georgian and Nepali.

The new languages aren’t rolled out for me, but I’ll post some screenshots when they are.

How is a Latin Facebook any different from a Klingon one? Easy: Latin’s been branded a stuffy language whose surviving works lack the necessary ironic underling humor to get them onto the Internet. A Latin version of Facebook is a way to pump up a dead language with new life by using it for everyday chatter.

cid_3337333041_899911“I enrolled in Latin to supplement my study of Romance languages,” Facebook communications director Elizabeth Linder writes. “I still remember reading a translated copy of “Winnie the Pooh” in Latin, and gradually working my way through state speeches and philosophic commentary dating from the Roman Empire.”

Does this mean Facebook has translated its terms of service into Latin?