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5 ways to create a great mobile web site – As the number of mobile Internet users has doubled in the past year, the number of Websites that cater to that audience has failed to keep up. Steve Ives, co-founder and CEO of mobile search company Taptu Ltd, offers five ways to quickly Web-optimize your site.

The infinite to-do list – No matter how hard you work, it always feels like you’re falling behind. Sound familiar? Jason Cohen, founder of Smart Bear Software, talks about the never-ending parade of urgent items start-up owners face – and ways to cope with it.

White paper guidelines – less glory, more story – White papers are tremendous marketing and conversion tools, but they don’t have to read like a tech manual. Serial entrepreneur Scott Olson suggests using a narrative tone to make your company more accessible to potential clients.

Want to avoid ugly layoffs? Prune and upgrade as you go – Bloated employee rosters can drag a start-up down fast, but too many companies go into a hiring frenzy at some point in an effort to ease the workload. Will Herman, an entrepreneur who has founded or held senior roles at several tech companies, notes that the way to avoid mass layoffs down the road is to constantly trim and upgrade the workforce.

Hiring? Avoid the busy-work(Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by oDesk.) Sifting through resumes is a pain. You may find a needle among the haystack, but generally you end up with a handful of hay. oDesk is offering 20 venture-backed startups its recruiting and screening services for free. Learn more here.

Trendspotting: Look to the horizon, not around you – Want to beat the competition? Don’t look to today’s trends – or even tomorrow’s. Think years down the road, says Michael Moe,  founding partner at ThinkEquity.