Here’s our rundown of the week’s tech and business news. First, the most popular stories VentureBeat published in the last seven days:

mark-zuckerberg1Mark Zuckerberg: The evolution of a remarkable CEO — “Facebook’s founder, who was under drinking age when he received his first investment round from a venture capitalist five years ago (investor Jim Breyer once complained he couldn’t even buy Zuckerberg a glass of wine to celebrate the round) is emerging as a talented business manager, according to a number of executives and investors I talked to over the past several weeks.”

Schwarzenegger adds Meebo to gubernatorial website — “Today’s news is that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s website has sprouted the Meebo Bar, which makes it easy to share parts of the site with people on social networks, email or IM.”

Zipcar finally puts iPhone app in drive — “It had stalled for a while in the Apple App Store’s approval process, but today Zipcar users have the power to not only find nearby available vehicles and make reservations from their phones — they can even unlock their rental car’s doors from their handhelds.”

OnLive raises big round from AT&T and others for on-demand gaming — “OnLive is announcing today it has raised a third round of funding from AT&T Media Holdings, Lauder Partners and its existing partners as it moves toward the launch of its video games on demand service, which will let you play high-end games with no special hardware.”

New Halo 3:ODST game is heavy on action, but just a snack for hardcore fans — “The only trouble is that the single-player campaign game is too short.”

And here are five more stories we thought were important, thought-provoking, or just fun:

google-wave-logoGoogle Wave opens up tomorrow, but maybe not for you — “Google is letting a few more people play with its new communication and collaboration tool, Wave, starting tomorrow.”

Twitter will let users create, share lists of people to follow — “Twitter just absorbed another useful feature generated from its community — it’s letting users curate and share lists of Twitter accounts to follow.”

Sony embraces small publishers and unknown authors on Sony Reader eBook store — “The shift toward digital books is helping small-fry authors and publishers to get in front of wider audiences than ever before.”

Cleantech trumps IT, biotech as dominant investment sector — “It’s official: cleantech is the darling of the rebounding investment market.”

Imeem reboots without Sequoia in new $6M round — “Imeem burned through its cash — royalties on the music were expensive — and has borrowed another $6 million to recapitalize the company, giving a shot of Instant-Gro to stock options that had wilted.”