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A Twitterview is a conversation over Twitter.  Each Twitterview will consist of a Member of the Bitmob Community answering various questions asked by me.

This Twitterview is with Bitmob's Managing Editor Jason Wilson.  Jason is one of those guys who are alway willing to lend you a hand.  He is an expert on not just the Star Wars films but the extended universe as well!  He is also trying to get some good multiplayer games going!


Jason one of the poor dudes who has to fix our mistakes, and I sowwy if I make bad word mistakes problems wen talk Jason n me!


Without further delay, here is a Twitterview with Jason:




Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a 35-year-old married guy who loves writing, sports, and games.  And his wife and family, of course.  I'm pretty boring, really, since I don't like going to concerts or clubs or anything like that.  And I'm a geek, too, when it comes to all of my interests, including sports and literature.  I'm halfway ashamed of some of the pulp-fiction that sits next to my writing manuals and classics in my bookshelf.  Really, I'm just a big, silly yutz that wants to do good in the world and treat people well and leaves things better off than I found 'em.


What is your earliest gaming memory?

Space Invaders.  I was a short kid, so I needed to get something to stand on to reach the controls.


What got you interested in writing about video games?

I stumbled into the industry.  In 1991, I started writing for my high school paper.  I ended up winning a pretty cool award from the San Francisco Chronicle, so I cast aside my goals of being either a classical tuba player or a marine biologist to be a sportswriter.  I did that until 2006.  What changed?  I moved in with my wife (we were still dating at this point), and after a month, I decided that my schedule of nights and weekends wasn't good for a relationship.  Ziff Davis happened to be looking for a copy chief at that moment, so I applied, and got the job


How did you find out about Bitmob?

The bad economy.  It's a little more detailed than that. After the layoffs at Ziff, I got a job with Ask.com as a content analyst for its NASCAR coverage. I wanted to still write, so I asked Greg (Mr. Awesome) Ford and Shoe if I could help with Bitmob, and I started contributing in May.  I'd been a big supporter if the concept.  And heck, these were valued former coworkers and friends — I really wanted to help!


How does the Bitmob Community's writing compare to that at 1UP/EGM?

Well, depends on if you mean before or after it's been edited? Seriously, it can't compare — they're two different beasts.  One is the product of professionals with access to people that the Bitmob community doesn't have.  You had a number of talented editors and writers to learn from and get feedback and ideas from.  Plus, especially in print, there's layers of editing to help improve a writer's product.



What's great about the writing coming from the Bitmob community is its enthusiasm.  Passion of some sort drives nearly every piece.  And notice the folks who write a lot — and compare our edits to their work — get better with every piece they write.


So you have noticed an improvement?

Yes, I have — especially from the writers who have been promoted to the front page a handful of times.


Questions from the Community


How do you feel about Ostrich Riding?  Could it replace cars?

As long as that ostrich rides to my plate in the form of an omelet, I'm fine with it.

Anyone can see that you enjoy PC Games, Sports Games, and RPGs.  What are some games outside those platforms and genres you play?

I love puzzlers, starship/starfighter sims, anything Civ, a good brawler, and even some shooters (especially games like Republic Commando). I love old-style arcade games as well. I'll play anything Mario — I'm looking forward to New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  And I even love Peggle.


As a self-professed Sports-Guy, what is the best video game for all of major sports?

I think Tiger Woods PGA is the best sports game. I think it captures the sport better than the rest.

Toby wants to know what got you hooked onto RPGs and what are some of your favorites?

My family moved before the third grade.  So I started a new school for the third grade, and my first friends played Dungeons & Dragons.  So I started RPGs the old-fashioned way — with pen and paper.  It's all about using the imagination for me.  My first PC RPG was The Bard's Tale and it's still one of my favorites.  My favorite is Baldur's Gate 2. I even wrote D&D adventures in the city for my group.

What has kept you away from World of Warcraft?

I promised my wife that I wouldn't play it.  In exchange, she promised to let me play every other game out there.  I just can't play WOW. Fair trade.  I'd rather be able to play everything else out there!  Also, I kinda like playing single-player games.  I can play at my pace.


What everyone wants to ask Shoe, Demian, Aaron, Brett, and yourself is what it takes to get to the front page.  Besides good writing, do you have any tips?

Have a point and make it early. Construct a strong argument. Watch your grammar.  And for me, I like reading pieces where the author's enthusiasm and passion for the topic comes through.


You are not just the Managing Editor at Bitmob but you also write posts too. What are some of your favorite pieces you have written on the site?

Sacred 2's Turned My Wife into a Loothog (and I Love It!), Cross Q&A: Is Windows 7 Good for Gamers?, and A Fat Guy's Take on Fat Princess.


Demon's SoulsWhat are some posts from the community that have really impressed you?

To be honest, a number have, and it's hard to dredge up particulars from my overloaded — and aging — memory banks. Pieces that do stand out are Rob Savillo's posts on action-RPGs, Brian Shirk's articles on how gaming helped him through rough times, and Davneet's pieces on the evolution of games.


Were you involved much in the 1up online Community? Is it similar to Bitmob's? Is Shoe still a hard-ass boss?

No, I wasn't that involved with the 1UP community, so I can't really compare it.  Shoe was my second boss at Ziff, and I appreciated how much he valued the copy desk's role, how he always provided feedback, and how he always listened.  I've been lucky — I've only had one bad boss in journalism.


What will be your views as a father about video games?

I'll allow my children to game, but I won't let them play games that are too violent or have themes I deem inappropriate. I'd also like to play games with them. I'm looking forward to that.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have no idea.  I've had to revamp my career goals — I always wanted to be the sports editor of a metro newspaper, but those may not be round in 10 years.  I would like to continue being an editor and helping writers reach their potential.  I just hope that in 10 years, I'm a good father and still a good man.

On behalf of everyone who visits Bitmob thank you so much for being so dedicated and helpful.  Any final thoughts or edits?

Gamers should let themselves enjoy whatever games they want. They shouldn't fear the retribution of message boards trolls and their peers.


Thank You Jason!!!


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