Though an era ends, we do not look to the graves of the departed. No, instead, we reflect upon the bounty we have been left with in its wake!


The chatter is true, the beloved Listen Up! podcast (formerly 1UP Yours) is dead, it’s host Garnett Lee departing to the streets of LA and bosom of Game Fly Media! The final podcast aired this Friday, ending not only an era of podcasting but arguably the most influential podcast – there was no guest too prestigious for the show – that ever recorded.

Now, as we listen to the last sweet words of a reality now gone we begin to reminisce our first encounters with this podcast sweet heart, coping with our grief. I myself can remember my first touch, a virginal moment in my podcast listening career. Oh, how I was blown away! I mean, it was just people talking about games.. talking! Yet I was captured, almost hypnotized by their banter of titles spectacular and news earth shattering! It was indeed a watershed moment for me.. and that was only a little over 2.5 years ago. I can only imagine how I would have felt had I experienced the full tenure of the podcast.

Alas, losses aside, we should not see this as a moment to sulk in our cesspool of despair. No, instead, we should take this opportunity to reflect and celebrate the bounty of podcasting that, in large due to the Listen Up! podcast, have been able to sprout up and grow to their own potential!

So, it is with this note in mind that I end this article with a large, though hardly all encompassing, collage (with click-on links) of podcasts. Please, partake in this moment to honor a giant and feast upon the fruits of its labor! And to those with podcasts of their own to add, please, share them!