lockerbloggerI know what you’re thinking: Another social network? But LockerBlogger, which launched today, has 140 professional athletes already signed up. You won’t find the superstars here. You’re more likely to run into Dodgers’ hitting coach Don Mattingly, older and wiser bad-boy football star Lawrence Taylor, or professional angler Chad Morganthaler on LockerBloggers’ pages.

LockerBlogger, privately funded and based in New York City, aims to become “the ultimate hub for the global sports community.” The company, which launched its public beta version today, is still exploring its opportunities to make money from the site, focusing on building a following first and monetizing it later. The company lists a half-dozen founders, of whom the best-known is CEO Steve Rimland, a former Interscope Records executive.

The site’s standout feature is its roster of writers. They might do for jocks what Arianna Huffington has done for celebrities who can sort of write: Give them a home with the same domain as a bunch of other athletes, so they’re not blogging alone.

The site’s real competition is sites like and SB Nation, which aggregates status updates and posts from celebrity jocks. LockerBlogger seems almost a refutation of the current real-time craze. But it’s really just a less Twitter-esque means of letting the pros carry on a conversation with their fans.