Morgan GrayDark Void Senior Producer Morgan Gray is trying to take his game to new heights. Sure, that’s easy when main character Will Grey has one of them gravity-defying jetpacks. But take away the fancy pseudo futuristic gadgets and things drop down to an even playing field. Perfect for our five random questions. So let’s see if Morgan’s gaming knowledge will rise above our expectations. Or simply fall flat…


1. In Dark Void, the Bermuda Triangle is a key element to the story. Well, triangles are also important in the Legend of Zelda series. Can you name the three ideals that make up the legendary Triforce?

Morgan Gray: Ah, god — so you caught me. It’s pretty funny — I’m actually probably one of the few people in games who does not like Zelda.

Bitmob: Ohhhh, shit!

MG: I just don’t like it. So I can’t remember the names of the three components of the Triforce.

Bitmob: The correct answers are the Triforce of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.

MG: I just broke cred with tons of Zelda Fans.

Points: 0; Hits: 1

San Andreas Jetpack 2. Sure, it’s unique that main character Will Grey zips around in a jetpack, but Dark Void isn’t the first game to use one. In which Grand Theft Auto game can you also jet around town with a rocket pack?

MG: If I’m not mistaken, I believe it was San Andreas.

Bitmob: That’s correct.

MG: Now other jetpack games that were awesome would be Cinemaware’s Rocket Ranger, Jetpac Refuelled on Xbox Live Arcade, and there was this weird German sports game that was kinda like Pong meets soccer meets hockey. I can’t remember its name, but everyone had jetpacks in it.

Points: 1; Hits: 1

3. Since your game is entitled Dark Void, you must know a flashlight is an effective tool when you can’t see. It’s also a killer weapon for an upcoming Microsoft game that features deadly “dark” creatures. Name it.

MG: I’m guessing that would be Alan Wake.

Bitmob: That is it.

MG: I’m doing good here. I’m only down one Hit Point.

Points: 2; Hits: 1

4. In the game, real-life inventor Nikola Tesla helps Will throughout his adventure. Just like how in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 2, another famous inventor helps out main character Ezio. Name this totally awesome historical legend.

MG: Well, it’s not Albert Einstein through way of a time warp. So, I’m going to go with Leonardo da Vinci.

Bitmob: That’s correct.

MG: Who ends up being the Q to Ezio.

Points 3; Hits: 1

5. A lot of the team at Airtight Games previously worked on the original Xbox flying game Crimson Skies. Which, weirdly enough, also has a board game. Can’t be as terrible as Monopoly, though. Speaking of Monopoly, a special Nintendo collector’s edition was released a few years back. What replaced Boardwalk in this version?

A) Mushroom Kingdom, B) Princess Peach’s Castle, C) Mario, D) Planet Zebes

MG: I can’t think of anything more horrific than the evil Monopoly match with the beauty which is Mario. Now I’m using logic here, because I’ve never seen the board, but being a Nintendo-licensed product, I would guess they might have Mushroom Nintendo Monopoly Kingdom early on the first path — it might be Oriental Avenue. What was the second one again?

Bitmob: Princess Peach’s castle.

MG: That’s currently my number one contender. Somehow I want to say that Mario might actually be “Go.” And Planet Zebes is Metroid, right?

Bitmob: Yes.

MG: Ah, god — I’m going to be wrong on this one! Dammit, Peach’s Castle!

Bitmob: Incorrect! The correct answer is actually Mario.

MG: Ah, stab me in the heart! Mario is not about capitalism!

Points: 3; Hits: 2

Final Score: 3

Not too bad, Morgan, but it’s obvious you need to pay a little bit more attention to that Nintendo company. Ever heard of ’em? Apparently they make popular games or something.