Now I don’t know what side of the fence you are on with Zombies.  How ever I do know they are showing up more into games now.  Yes they are even showing up into games that aren’t even out yet.



GearboxSoftware on Twitter last night provided a link to Giant Bomb.  In this link was an exclusive reveal about Zombie DLC.  So I complain a bunch about different things.  Well I had no reasons to complain about borderlands till now really.  


I am not a fan of zombies in games.  Yes I am the gamer who hates to play Left 4 Dead or even Dead Rising even though they are mindless fun.  After about four matches of Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: World at War I was bored and thought they added that mode just cause it was something like Gears of War horde mode.


So with the inclusion of Zombies it makes me wonder if they are just playing to the “HOT” item on the market.  Now if the zombies were not hot on the market would this even be DLC or would it be some other thing that is “HOT” right now.  


Knowing I left a bunch of other zombie games out.  What are your thoughts of Zombie games and how they are used in the game?  Also do you think Zombies in games are now being over done?