star-5Fear not, Trekkies. Star Trek Online is on schedule for a launch in 2010.

We shot video interviews with Craig Zinkievich, executive producer of Star Trek Online, and Jack Emmert, chief creative officer at Cryptic Studios, at the company’s Los Gatos, Calif.-based headquarters. There, a team of 50 developers is hard at work on making the game, which Cryptic inherited from Perpetual Entertainment (See our companion story that explains it all). The pressure is on them to do the game right.

Cryptic is hard at work on making the massively multiplayer online game, where potentially millions of gamers and Trekkies could gather and play in a persistent Star Trek-themed universe. The game is expected to debut in 2010. We’ve blended both interviews and game play footage in this video. The game play shows how you can be a Star Fleet captain of your own starship and fight enemies in big space battles. And you can also join “away teams” and explore or fight on the ground. Video produced and shot by Alexa Lee @alexalee.

The first video is our main interview piece about the game.

Star Trek - Game Play Details from Alexa Lee on Vimeo.

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