tvTV and education websites saw the biggest gain in visitors last month, according to the latest MediaMetrix report from comScore.

That makes sense, since September is when school starts back up and when television shows return from the summer hiatus. As a category, websites about TV grew 17 percent from August, and top site Yahoo TV grew 63 percent, to almost 20 million visitors. On the education side, Pearson Education’s website was almost as popular, with 17 million visitors, an increase of 40 percent. The category as a whole grew by 15 percent.

Other areas that saw increased interest include retail sites for computer software (up 14 percent), sports (14 percent), and gaming (13 percent).

As for the actual top 50 web properties, jumped up five spots, to become the 13th most-visited property. The company talked to TechCrunch about the reasons for its growth (warning: the link won’t work until TechCrunch is back online), including the addition of its wiki-style Q&A service, which launched at the DEMO conference last month.