me-newTwitter operations engineer John Adams, who was brought in to help stabilize the microblogging network last summer, was the apparent victim of a hit-and-run on Monday while riding his bicycle.

He tweeted on Monday evening:

“Was hit by a car on my bike this evening on the way home. Driver hit and run. Jwz got the plate and sfpd know. EMT checked me out, I am ok”

Both BoingBoing and SFist picked up the story. The friend Adams was traveling with was none other than Jamie Zawinski, who runs local San Francisco club DNA Lounge. They photographed the license plate and handed it over to the police. (What puzzles us is why they didn’t tweet the license plate. Come on, people!)

Zawinski wrote on his blog:

Monday around 6pm, netik and I were biking West on Harrison on the right side when a car passed me on the left, within a few inches. I had enough time to think, “Hey, that was close”, look forward, and yell “Look out!” before the car’s mirror hit netik’s handle bar from behind and sent him tumbling. The guy kept driving. I chased after the car, pulled up to his window and said, “Hey! You just hit that guy!” He look at me and said, in a calm deadpan, “Really? That’s just terrible.” And then he drove off.

netik has a giant bruise, but isn’t hurt badly, and his bike is ok. Knowing him, had this guy stopped and been even slightly apologetic, there probably wouldn’t even have been a police report. But instead, the driver chose to turn it into a felony hit and run, with three witnesses, a paramedic report, and a photo of his license plate.

Enjoy your upcoming lack of a driver’s license, loss of insurance, $1,000 to $10,000 fine, and possible jail time, scumbag.

Adams wasn’t too shattered. He DJ-ed at FAIL blog’s FAILpocalypse party the next day.