Awhile ago Demian asked why do I always put this Shooter as one of my Favorites.  Please be warned  as you read this it will be major one sided thoughts.  Now you may get this game is not for you, but this wont stop me from telling you to play with friends.



[video: 300×400]

Now I posted a video of the single player so you can see the different guns and what they do.  Personally the thing you will notice first is the graphics.  For me I want to tell you to stop being a graphics whore.  Graphics are not as much as game play and fun you will have in Multi-player.


So my love with this game is all the multi-player matches me and my friends have had back when this game came out.  Yes goldeneye 64 started to collect dust because of this game.  As you seen in the video about all the different weapons like Terrance, chicken & the cow gun.  Some pretty funny battles will ensue for many hours of playing.  


With the host of all the different characters I want to say Starvin Marvin was like the conversion of Oddjob from the Goldeneye MP.  Both are small and hard to kill if your not always on your knees.  All the characters were fun to play with trust me and you will laugh no matter who you play as.


Even though the camera moves quickly.  What FPS camera doesn’t move quickly really?  Then again you are playing on the same screen so you may be called a screen watcher sooner or later if you always keep winning.


So this was my love for this game and will end this with a MP video of this game with the guns in action.

[video: 300×400]