Most video game reviews only go over the most important ups or downs of a game. I’m sure all of you guys have already read a review of Uncharted 2 that goes over most of the great things in the game, but have you read any review that highlight the little things Uncharted 2 does? That’s where I come in. Here are some of the little things that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves does gloriously right.

Almost zero load times: You don’t even notice this unless you think about it (how could you when you’re focused on how great the game is), but I thought about it. Even with such amazing graphics and physics, Uncharted 2 only has to load once when loading your single player game or once before a multiplayer match. Other than that, the experience is seamless. 

Enemies realize that they have grenades: In the first Uncharted, the enemies would throw grenades sparingly and you could usually hunker down behind the same wall for the entire fight. This is definitely not true with Uncharted 2, as enemies aren’t afraid to make you dash for a new place to take cover, only to be flanked by somebody who you are forced to engage with in melee combat, making you even more exposed. This makes the firefights a lot more intense in Uncharted 2 than they were in Drake’s Fortune.

No more mashing the “X” button to climb: This is another improvement over the first Uncharted. When climbing, you now can just move the left analog stick to move instead of pressing “X” every time you move vertically. This makes controlling climbing feel more natural and intuitive.

Hanging cover: Uncharted 2 makes much more use of hanging cover (an example of this would be hanging on a sign and shooting over it) than it’s predecessor. This is mostly because there’s a lot more opportunities to do so, and it is always the more strategic place to hunker down because grenades aren’t a problem (they’ll just fly right by).

Melee combat is simpler: The melee in Uncharted 2 is leaps and bounds over the first Uncharted. Instead of worrying about the right order in which to press the buttons in, you react to what your adversary does. There are still only two buttons, though. You can pummel the enemy with square and counter his punches with triangle. Most unprepared enemies can be taken out in one punch, making melee a much more viable option in the heat of battle.