paulWhen Facebook bought pioneering social sharing site FriendFeed in August, the fate of the service seemed uncertain. FriendFeed never captured the same kind of traction its competitors did, but it win deep loyalty from its limited user base.

Today, Paul Buchheit, who is also the creator of Gmail, said, “FriendFeed isn’t dead. It’s just getting started.”

He wrote in FriendFeed today:

There was a lot of chatter about the future of FriendFeed this weekend. The short answer is that the team is working on a couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world. Transformation is not the end. Consider this the chrysalis stage — if all goes well, a beautiful butterfly will emerge :)

This doesn’t seem to be too different from what we expected earlier — Facebook is absorbing the company’s leaders into high-level roles where they can roll out their innovations to a 300-million person audience. FriendFeed’s 12-person team is famously talented, including employees behind the success of Google Maps and Gmail. Since buying the company, Facebook has made just one public move with FriendFeed’s technology by making its real-time infrastructure called Tornado open source. We’ll see what else emerges shortly.