On this edition of iQuickies Blitz I speed through Real Racing, traverse GloBall and take my shot at Orbital!


iQuickies Blitz ™ is a recognition that there is a backlog of older titles for the iPhone that are being lost in the stream of new releases. To reconcile this I have mutated the iQuickies ™ formula. Instead of three (3) segments iQuickies Blitz editions only contain two (2) segments; Description and Recommendation. Description describes the product and Recommendation gives my brief answer to the classic question “should I buy?” Besides that they are also a collection of titles (2 or more), instead of the typical “header” for a normal iQuickies. Rounding out each title is reference information, for reader interest and use!


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– Real Racing


Real Racing is the first of  circuit racers for the iPhone to master the accelerometer for steering. Players are placed behind the wheel and allowed to race in the hopes of rewards and accomplishments. The game includes several modes for racing; Career, Quick Race, Time Trial, H2H Wifi, and Online League. Career is where players complete circuits to unlock cars, both individual and classes (Hatch, Sedan, Muscle, and Exotic), as well as new tracks. Quick Race allows players to indulge themselves in a simple race using any track and any class. Time Trial behaves just like Quick Race, but is directed more towards challenge as it allows players to record times. H2H Wifi allows players to compete against friends in local matches, face to face. Rounding it out is the Online League, the online leaderboards portion of the game in which players race individually in league circuits as to improve their global rankings. To compete in races players are able to modify their controls and camera, based on the player’s taste. Whether you want to control just the brake, acceleration, both, neither or view in third or first person you have the choice! Closing up are the profile (stats) and options (settings), with the ability for players to use their music.

Recommendation: Go for it!

Real Racing is a top notch racer, circuit or not. The controls and feel of the racing is as fluid and greeting as any game I have ever played on the iPhone yet! Simply put, it’s what I imagined what SixAxiS would have been like. Besides that the graphical detail is just incredible, proving just what the iPhone is capable of. Real Racing, whether you play it out to the “end” or just pick it up once in a while is a staple for players to retain on their person!

(Real Racing on iPhone/Touch; Developed and Sold by Firemint. Reg. $6.99; Released 9/26/09)

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– GloBall


GloBall is a block breaker title in the vein of Breakout. Players use the accelerometer to softly tip their handheld as to nimbly guide your “character”, the GloBall, through a level. While the GloBall traverses the level it must break all blocks (thus acquiring points and multipliers), which brings the level to its completion. In your path are enemy units and obstacles, deadly to the touch! To aid the GloBall is an assortment of power-ups, from saws that tear through blocks to static shock which vaporizes connecting blocks. Going on in the background is a nifty leaderboard which retains all your points, which locates your position and determines how far in diameter you are superior to others (ex. You’re the best within 2 miles.) Players are also given the ability to play individual levels for both fun and leaderboard stats. Toping it off is the ability to both pick up where you left off (instant save) and use your own music!

Recommendation: Go for it!

GloBall, despite its simplicity, is an incredibly addicting and hypnotizing game. Every one of my “quick” sessions with the game has resulted in myself coming back to reality, only to find that I have busted through 5 or so levels. It only got more interesting for me as I got deeper in, even more so with my desire to see how far I could expand my “superiority” sphere on the leaderboards! GloBall is easily a game that will keep player’s amused for any sessions they put in, possibly even sucking in those of the “perfectionist” crowd!

(GloBall on iPhone/Touch; Developed and Sold by Robot Super Brain. Reg. $2.99; Released 6/8/09)


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– Orbital


Orbital is another title in the vein of Breakout’s “break” mentality. Orbital has two modes, Gravity and Pure, both of which are playable in solo or local multiplayer. Gravity mode and Pure are relatively the same, you attempt to score by bursting orbs (via reducing their number to “0”) while not allowing your firing orb to touch the “game over” line right above your cannon. Neither has a time limit or ammunition limit, they are infinite up to the point where the player fails or quits. Where they differ is that Gravity, like its name infers, retains a sort of physics that alters the way the ball interacts when ricocheting off other objects. Taking these modes to 2-player local changes nothing as far as the mechanics go. Instead it forces players to share the same board with each other, allowing for potential grief. Options are also given as to control the orientation in which local players interface with the handheld and how many rounds they play to determine a winner. Then comes the leaderboards and settings. The leaderboards hold your records for both modes and offers the rankings for the past 24 hours and all time, which the ability to diverge global from friends. As for the settings they player is able to control the voice and volume of the game’s music, as well as enable a Facebook option which posts your newest high score for you! As always, ipod music is enabled.

Recommendation: Think about it!

Orbital is a fun, very simple game. Unfortunately it’s one of those games who’s length is based completely on the player’s drive to accomplish, with no incentives sans the leaderboards. It was due to this that, after a few sessions, I was done with the title except for the seldom pick up. Again, this is a title that must have the reader take in all the elements as to determine its value to them.

(Orbital on iPhone/Touch; Developed and Sold by bitforge. Reg. $2.99; Released 8/13/09)