jeff_kindle’s third-quarter earnings spiked 68% higher than last year: $199 milli0n in earnings on $5.45 billion in sales.

CEO Jeff Bezos is laughing at those of us who made fun of  the Kindle, Amazon’s $250 e-book reader. The thing will bring in about $1.9 billion in annual revenue in 2012, up from $300 million this year, one analyst estimates.

Bloomberg reports:

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos has used price cuts, shipping promotions and a growing array of products to attract customers from other online retailers. has announced four acquisitions this year, including the online shoe seller Inc., to broaden its reach.

Amazon’s numbers look especially good because there’s no one section of the business carrying the rest. The rise in profits are “across the board” according to the Wall Street Journal.

“This level of outperformance was unexpected,” said Sandeep Aggarwal, an analyst at Collins Stewart LLC in San Francisco.

[Photo: Seattle Weekly]

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