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The VC gender gap – Are VCs sexist? – The Venture Capital game is a boy’s club. Jeff Bussgang, general partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, would know as he sees it every day – which caused him to wonder: Is the VC world one that actively discourages women?

Are you creating or stealing customers? – Creating customers out of thin air is the holy grail of start-ups, but it’s an extremely rare occurance. Michael Greenberg, COO of Loyalty Lab, looks at how companies manage to do so – and the best methods to steal customers from your competition.

How to throw a kick-ass launch party (on the cheap) – Is it possible to throw a fun – much less memorable launch party – for $1,000? David Goldberg, co-founder of greeting card company PigSpigot, says his company managed to do so. He details how they kept costs down.

Auto racing and start-ups aren’t that different, really – Pro drivers and entrepreneurs operate in different worlds, says entrepreneur Will Herman, but they face the same danger: Focusing too much on what’s right in front of them, when they should instead be keeping their eyes a good bit further down the road.

Startup Spotlight: D.light – The Kiran solar-powered lamp made by D.light is a lot more than just visually appealing, it could save people in the developing world a substantial amount of money.

Book review: “The Web Startup Success Guide” – The Web is full of advice for entrepreneurs, so is a book on the subject still relevant? Guest reviewer Alain Raynaud gives his thoughts on the latest book from Bob Walsh.