Millennial Moms are supplanting college students as the most connected and technology-dependent population, concludes a white paper by social marketing agency Mr Youth.


“What may have seemed like two polar opposites a decade ago now bear considerable resemblance as a result of changes in communications spawned by technology,” Mr. Youth’s report says. Women born between 1977 and 1996 are now in their child-rearing years. They’ve become trendsetters, Mr. Youth claims, for four different reasons:

  • They’re multi-tech multitaskers
  • They build communities to ease transitions
  • They crowdsource decisions
  • They’re masters of the overshare

Mr. Youth’s white paper lists 10 ways in which marketers trying to reach the young-mom demographic:

  1. Build platforms, not campaigns
  2. Create movements, not noise
  3. Look to peers over celebrities
  4. Create conversation topics, not a brand message
  5. Be authentic and stand for something
  6. Crowdsource ideas, don’t assume
  7. Be democratic and participatory
  8. Think about engaging, not reaching
  9. Personalize, localize and customize everything
  10. Hand over the keys, let mom own your brand

New York-based Mr. Youth includes Microsoft, Sony, Dell and T-Mobile among its clients.