With Halloween on Saturday, I thought that it would be cool for Bitmob to celebrate its first Halloween by seeing how many talented pumpkin carvers are in the community. I’ve been carving game-themed pumpkins for the past 13 years or so, and I plan to do the same this year. 

By the way, as an update, here is a link to Part 2, with pumpkins that go way back:


If any of you plan to carve a pumpkin, why not give it a game theme? Here’s an example of my work: Ryu from Street Fighter 4 — shooting a Hadouken!

Let’s start by posting pictures here, and later, maybe someone at Bitmob HQ will craft a piece that shows off the work and the artist behind the knife of the best jack-o’-lanterns.

Have a very Happy Halloween…now don’t go cutting off your fingers.


2008: Ryu from Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter…

…4. Ryu also makes an appearance.

My Ryu is on the left, and my girlfriend’s Pumpkin Jack Skellington is on the right.

A different look at the back of our pumpkins.

2007: Luma from Super Mario Galaxy

Luma, just chillin’.

Little star bits next to Luma.

Here’s some more star bits on the other side of Luma.

On the back of the pumpkin: Super Mario Galaxy.

2006: Wii

We’ll start with the back of the pumpkin for a change.

Here’s part of the front — the Wii Remote and Wii.
The Wii console itself.
A closer look at the Wii logo. I actually had a blue light in it, which was cool.

2005: King Kong

Here’s King Kong looking big, and he’s on a big pumpkin.

The word King, and on top, I tried to make it look like Skull Island.

You can’t have the King without the Kong.

2004: Prince of Persia

The front of my Prince of Persia pumpkin.

POP = Prince of Persia. Simple.

Phew! If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering, “Where are your earlier pumpkins?”  Well, those were in my “predigital-camera-owning” days, so they’re either in EGMs of the past or in my photo albums. I’ll try and scan them and load ’em up.

Update!!!  Here are my pumpkins from 1998-2003.

2003: Super Mario Advance 4
Mario holding a shell
Here’s Mario holding a shell from Super Mario Advance 4.  Not pictured too well, but somewhat visible on the back, is the title of the game.  Oh and yes, I am a black belt.

2002: Metroid Prime and EGM on CNN
Here's me working on Samus
Here’s a picture of me carving out Samus Aran from Metroid Prime.
This was a little plug for EGM, to help advertise.  Watch EM on CNN, Thursday nights at 4:15PM!  It was on one of the sides of the pumpkin.
Metroid Prime
With such a big pumpkin, why not advertise when the game comes out on one of its other sides?  Metroid Prime drops 11-18-02.

2001: Nintendo GameCube with controller
Nintendo GameCube
What you see here is the Nintendo GameCube and controller.  What’s on the back is 11-19-02.

2000: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Here I am with Majora’s Mask.  I don’t recall if I carved 10-26-00 on the back or not.  Maybe I carved MM…maybe both?  I don’t remember…

1999: Mewtwo
First of all, that’s Mewtwo from Pokemon and me.  Secondly, it took some balls for me to put this picture online, so not a word, lol.

1998: Bowser
The pumpkin that started the tradition: Bowser
Yup, here’s the pumpkin that started my annual videogame pumpkin carving tradition.  Now, like the picture from above, it took a lot of guts to put this one up, lol.  I’m proud of my work though, because I was only 13, here.  :)