Yes, this is the premiere of CO-OP: The Animated Series! Except it isn’t. Well, it sort of is…you’ll see.

Ray Barnholt from reviewed Demon’s Souls and gave it an “A.” Kat Bailey, an industry freelance writer, also thinks of the game as one of her “best purchases this year.” Ryan and I hate it.

We attempt to clear up the mystery as to why this game appeals to some and causes others to rage quit. Which side are you on? Does the antiquated game design frustrate the hell out of you? Or are you a masochist who enjoys floundering through bad game design out of some misguided sense of “accomplishment?” Yeah, OK, I’m totally biased and that last sentence is completely unfair, but that’s why we made sure to bring in people that are as much in love with this game as I am bothered by it. Demon’s Souls is the game most-requested by our fans in the history of CO-OP, so we had to deliver!

Formerly known as Dyson, indie darling Eufloria definitely lives up to the hype. The simplified, real-time strategy mechanics combine with spare-but-beautiful graphics to make this a real gem. We can’t help missing a multiplayer option, though.

It’s been a while since we covered iPhone games, and we figured it would serve you better if we could offer up more than just a single title for your consideration. Henceforthwith: the simplistic but addictive Canabalt, the groovy and thought-provoking puzzler Geared, and a new take on a classic gaming form with Mr. Bounce. Watch the show after the break!



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