remail_logoreMail, a startup incubated by Y Combinator, has already convinced many email junkies that it offers a better way to store and search their messages than Apple’s built-in iPhone app. The latest version, which just went live in the App Store, helps reMail stand heads and shoulders above the native email app. Now users can access multiple accounts, and search all of them from one box.

Before this, I liked the fact that reMail stores all your email on your phone (meaning you can read it when you don’t have a network connection) and lets you search the full text of the messages. But I still had to use Apple’s email app, because I spent a lot of time hopping back-and-forth between my personal and work accounts. It’s only with this new version that I can make reMail my default email app, and it looks like I’m not unique — chief executive Gabor Cselle said multiple accounts were the most-demanded feature from users.

email_account_setup(2)The multiple accounts feature also improves on reMail’s core strength: its full-text search (compared to the limited “from,” “to,” and “subject” search offered by the iPhone). Where Apple’s email search is limited to a specific folder in a specific account, reMail’s search box searches all folders across all accounts.

San Francisco-based reMail has now been downloaded tens of thousands of times, and has thousands of daily active users, Cselle said. Since I last covered the app, reMail has also released a free version, which is limited to Gmail accounts. If you want to use something other than Gmail, or to use multiple accounts, you’ll need to pay $4.99. (Cselle said reMail will soon add a feature allowing users to upgrade by inviting 10 friends to to download the app.)

Now that Cselle has tackled the top user request, he said his next focus will be making reMail even faster, as well as adding other small improvements.