Editor's Note: OK, here's the thing: Pixel Revolt is awesome and you should listen to it. Unless you're a bad person — then you should listen to it twice. Here's the other thing: You can make the show even more awesomer (it's officially a word now) by submitting your answer to next episode's community question. And here's the OTHER other thing: You can win friggin' prizes for joining in on the fun. For the love of God, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! -Aaron

Hey guys, just as a quick reminder you still have time to get your submissions in for this week's community question for the next episode of Pixel Revolt, which we will be recording Thursday night. Any email submissions have to be in by then, but for audio submissions (which we think is the better way to go) you have until Sunday night when I start editing the show.

Also, remember that thanks to our friends here at Bitmob, we are giving away prizes for submissions! Emails/comments will get you 1 entry and audio will get you 2 entries! PRIZES!

So here's a refresher for everyone on the question and how you can get involved!


Next episode's community question:

Are you concerned with the increasing amount of in-game advertising, like Pizza Hut weapons in an RPG?

How you can respond to the question:

1) Record a sound clip on your computer, upload it to Houndbite.com, and then send us an email at PixelRevoltDL@gmail.com (Preferred)

2) Email your answer to PixelRevoltDL@gmail.com

3) Leave a comment here!


This is your last chance to be entered in our grab bag prize contest! And as always, we would very much appreciate subscriptions and ratings on iTunes, as well as any suggestions you may have for the show!