This page is filled with my Halloween Video Game Themed Pumpkins from 1998-2003, and is a follow up to this article:
That page holds my 2004-2008 editions.  Later today I will upload my 2009 piece.


2003: Super Mario Advance 4
Super Mario Bros. Advance 4
Here’s Mario holding a shell from Super Mario Advance 4.  Not pictured too well, but somewhat visible on the back, is the title of the game.  Oh and yes, I am a black belt.

2002: Metroid Prime and EGM on CNN
Here's me working on Samus
Here’s a picture of me carving out Samus Aran from Metroid Prime.
This was a little plug for EGM, to help advertise.  Watch EM on CNN, Thursday nights at 4:15PM!  It was on one of the sides of the pumpkin.
Metroid Prime
With such a big pumpkin, why not advertise when the game comes out on one of its other sides?  Metroid Prime drops 11-18-02.

2001: Nintendo GameCube with controller
Nintendo GameCube
What you see here is the Nintendo GameCube and controller.  What’s on the back is 11-19-02.
2000: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Here I am with Majora’s Mask.  I don’t recall if I carved 10-26-00 on the back or not.  Maybe I carved MM…maybe both?  I don’t remember…

1999: Mewtwo
First of all, that’s Mewtwo from Pokemon and me.  Secondly, it took some balls for me to put this picture online, so not a word, lol.

1998: Bowser
The pumpkin that started the tradition: Bowser
Yup, here’s the pumpkin that started my annual videogame pumpkin carving tradition.  Now, like the picture from above, it took a lot of guts to put this one up, lol.  I’m proud of my work though, because I was only 13, here.  :)