Logged on to Xbox Live, and I couldn’t help but notice this startling sight on the dashboard.


I did a double take as I wondered: Is that really Kratos’ noggin mounted on the wall alongside a couple slack-jawed stuffed ladies? Has Sony’s deity destroyer from its megapopular God of War series really discovered his downfall at the hands of some sour apple cider at a lame Halloween party?


Watching the video only provided minimal explanation. Apparently Microsoft’s Major Nelson was offing gamers who refused his friend requests — and Kratos just happened to be on his wall already. Funny? Nah, not really. Generating interest that maybe there’s a little bad blood in this console rivalry? You betcha! It shouldn’t be a bad thing that two rivals take some jabs at each other — that’s when any sports rivalry is at its best, in fact.

The next question, naturally, is if Sony will be stuffing Master Chief come Thanksgiving.