I blame Dan “Shoe” Hsu for the topic today.  If you don’t understand why just wait to you hit that jump button.  Then again if you don’t know what a Mighty Mugg is please google as I can’t add pics from Dial-Up.


After getting my first Mighty Mugg in the mail the other day.  Yes , I have not see it since I am still away for work.  Then again I really only bought it after all the bragging that Shoe did about them looking cool in a box on the shelf.


As I pondered on Dial-Up I went looking for different kinds of Mighty Muggs.  Seeing from Marvel, Movie tie-ins, Star Wars & others it got me thinking.  No really they are good collectibles from what I hear and seen.  


Today Insomniac gloated about this picture http://twitpic.com/p1o4a on twitter.  Which brought me to a question about games and maybe them using Mighty Mugg.  What Game characters other them Master Chief & Mario would you like to see turned into a Mighty Mugg?  Also why did you pick the character and from what game?