Seth Killian Sidewalk fighting? Pfft — no one cares. How about house fighting? A domestic drag! But fighting on the street? Hot damn — now that’s just super. Capcom’s Community Manager Seth Killian knows all about raising dukes on the public pavement. In fact, Mr. Killian has such an extensive knowledge of outside butt-kicking that we made our five random questions extra difficult this time.

So let’s find out if he can weather our hurricane kicks….


1. It’s only fitting that Street Fighter 4 developer Dimps was founded by Street Fighter co-creators Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. Speaking of the duo, what was the name of the 1987 vertical-scrolling overhead beat ’em up arcade game that they developed before the original Street Fighter?

Seth Killian: It’s not Fighting Street — that’s actually Street Fighter. Final Fight?

Bitmob: Nope — it’s not Final Fight.

SK: I’m already defeated!

Bitmob: The correct answer is Avengers.

SK: Avengers! I know the game you’re talking about, but I’ve never even played it.

Bitmob: Don’t feel bad — neither have we.

SK: I’m already off on the wrong foot!

Points: 0; Hits: 1

2. Street Fighter is fictional, yeah, but that didn’t stop real-life martial artist Jackie Chan from dressing up as Street Fighter characters in one of his movies. Know which movie are we talking about?

SK: Yes, I’ve seen this YouTube clip 8 million times — it’s a particularly disturbing Chun-Li. City of…City of Fire…Streeting? I don’t know!

Bitmob: You’re close — it’s actually City Hunter.

SK: City Hunter! That’s right. If you put that in a lineup, I definitely would have picked it out. Man, I’m getting beaten up here! But that was a fair question, and I just…failed.

Points: 0; Hits: 2

3. Hollywood sucks at Street Fighter. So do the developers who sadly had to create a live-action, digitized game using actors from the 1994 movie. At least the home version of this terrible arcade game included two extra characters who were in the movie, but sadly didn’t show up in the arcade version. Name them.

SK: God — I hate that game so bad! I only ever played it in the arcade, because I could not stand to play the home console version. Wow! I can go 0-5 here.

Bitmob: We’ll give you a hint: One of the characters is new to Super Street Fighter 4.

SK: Uh, Dee Jay?

Bitmob: That’s one of them!

SK: Was the other one T-Hawk? No, it wasn’t — I don’t think T-Hawk was in there. Um…Akuma? I don’t know.

Bitmob: Nope. It’s actually Blanka.

SK: Really? They left Blanka out of the original arcade game? I bet I know why — it was probably hard to get the character modeling right for him. Well, now I have a new goal: To get an honest 0-5!

Bitmob: Nah, we definitely think you can get this next one.

SK: But I don’t like that! 0-5 is more memorable than 1-4, which is just sad.

Points: 0; Hits: 3

4. Not at all Street Fighter games are fighters. Name the 1990 NES —

SK: Street Fighter 2010.

Bitmob: That’s correct!

SK: [Laughs] I can get that one right out of the gate! Ah, god, yes — I remember that one.

Points: 1; Hits: 3

5. A lot of companies tried to copy Street Fighter. Data East, in fact, made a game that Capcom actually sued for copyright infringement. Tell us the game that won the lawsuit, but, well, lost just about everything else.

SK: Was it Art of Fighting?

Bitmob: That’s SNK.

SK: Yeah, that was SNK. Boy, I actually know fun facts like this — I’m embarrassed I can’t come up with the name of this. I can’t remember. This one is easy, too.

Bitmob: It’s actually Fighter’s History.

SK: Ah, yes — as soon as you said “Fighter’s,” I remembered it. Not only do I know that, but I know things about the lawsuit, too. I actually know a guy who works here that was in the lawsuit. He rigged up an arcade controller with split exports; one controller that was controlling a Street Fighter machine, and one was controlling a Fighter’s History machine. And they brought this into court to show the judge that, hey, when I do a fireball, Ryu throws a fireball, and the dude from Fighter’s History throws the same exact fireball! But, at the time, the judge was not really feeling it. And we actually lost that lawsuit. And I actually have that controller that was rigged up.

Points 1; Hits: 4

Final Score: 1 Point

Ouch! If you only sucked a little bit more, you could have got that prestigious 0-5 title you were fighting for. Darn. No worries, though — you can always challenge us again when Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo Championship Edition comes out next year!