skies 1Social Gaming Network took iPhone games up a notch in June when it launched F.A.S.T., a fast-action 3-D modern aerial combat game on the iPhone.

The game had stunning visuals for an iPhone game, and it shot to the No. 1 spot. Now the company is preparing to launch Skies of Glory, an aerial combat iPhone game set in World War II. Lance Nelson, producer of the game, gave us a preview yesterday at SGN’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

Skies of Glory has similar controls to F.A.S.T., but co-developers SGN and Revo Solutions created a skies 2brand new engine, or base platform, for Skies of Glory. In the game, you can choose from among British Spitfires, Japanese Zeroes, and other World War II era planes. The game battles take place in either Battle of Britain or Pacific theater environments. There are 10 campaign missions and 100 different training missions.

You can fight multiplayer battles over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. You can play against other players in free-for-alls or team games. The game will ship with more than 10 planes, but Nelson said he didn’t know exactly how many yet.

As you can see in the video below, you control the plane by tilting the iPhone in different skies 4directions. It uses the iPhone’s built-in motion sensors as control mechanisms. You fire by tapping buttons on the touchscreen, and you can shoot better using a strafe button on the touchscreen. While these controls are intuitive, it’s still very hard to hit anything. So the game takes lots of practice.

SGN is launching the game as a free to play title. You can play for free, but you’ll have to pay for upgrades such as better planes or equipment. As such, it is the first SGN game to come out based on Apple’s new policy of allowing in-app purchases in free games. Skies of Glory will hit the market before the holidays.

SGN's new Skies of Glory iPhone game from Dean Takahashi on Vimeo.