Modern Warfare 2 has been out for five days. Is it everything gamers were hoping for? Or did the game crash and burn under enormous pressure from fans to surpass its spectacular predecessor? We have a few of early reviews that might help you make up your mind.

We also take a look at Killzone 2, DJ Hero, and some reviews of past hits, such as the original Modern Warfare and New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. We top it all off with Dissidia: Final Fantasy, South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense, and another edition of iQuickies.

So put aside that controller, give your Team Deathmatching a short rest, and enjoy some great reviews from the Bitmob community.


Achievement Unlocked: Finishing Modern Warfare 2
By John Ostermiller
Modern Warfare 2 had an almost impossible task — to improve on one of the best first-person shooters in recent memory. With the new Spec-Ops modes and refinement of COD4’s multiplayer, reviews seem to say Infinity Ward has succeeded beyond the rather high expectations. That’s great for fans of special modes and shooting their friends in the head, but what about the single-player? John doesn’t mince words. “Spec Ops and multiplayer are refreshing evolutions of the excellent experiences formed in the first iteration of Modern Warfare…. But in terms of the single-player narrative, it fails.” Some reviewers are disappointed in the single-player campaign, and this criticism is in our other non-multiplayer MW2 review as well.


Is This Second Modern War Justified?
By Brian Shirk
Brian’s review attempts to be free of spoilers and is just as critical of the single-player experience as John’s. Brian enjoyed the game — “…but is the standard shooting action still fun? You bet! It doesn’t feel significantly different from that of the first game, but it’s still as fun as ever finding pieces of cover to hide behind, then blasting your foes into oblivion.” Yet when it comes to the campaign mode, Brian says that “Modern Warfare 2’s plot felt disjointed and didn’t feel nearly as exciting as that of the first game.” Many gamers love MW2’s exemplary multiplayer, but it’s distressing that a number of people aren’t satisfied with the story.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer: Review for Levels 1-50
By Mark Hain
Mark played the first Modern Warfare extensively — but only the multiplayer mode. The thought of tweaking such a wonderful formula was a bit scary at first, but that feat quickly turned into fun. “Infinity Ward knew exactly what made MW great, and they have made a game that is even closer to perfection — a feat I would have thought impossible a week ago.” It sounds like a home run so far.

DJ_Hero_2Review: DJ Hero
By Thomas Johnson

When was the last time that you played a turntable video game? It’s been some time since those of us in the U.S. enjoyed some virtual record scratching. How does DJ Hero stand up to other music games? “The soundtrack in DJ Hero is where it truly shines, spanning many genres and eras.” That sounds like a good start. “Although DJ Hero can seem a bit bare bones at times, it is a solid first entry in the franchise that will undoubtedly be improved and innovated upon through downloadable content and/or full sequels.”

Final Fantasy 12’s Vaan Reviews Dissidia: Final Fantasy
By Brian Shirk
Is it just us, or have the heroes in the Final Fantasy games all looked a little…girlie? Dissidia tries to challenge that notion by throwing in a bunch of these RPG heroes into a fighting game. We all know that a Final Fantasy game could be five characters sitting on a toilet for 12 hours and a certain segment of the gaming public would happily buy it and love it. “Final Fantasy is…different because this fighting game can actually stand on its own, even without the Final Fantasy name.” It’s important for games to surpass the baggage that comes with a franchise name and be fun on their own. Read on for a full analysis of how the game works.

An Untimely Review of the Now Not So New Super Mario Bros.
By Brian Shirk
The DS’s New Super Mario Bros. is an excellent remake of the classic platformer that many of us love. With New Super Mario Bros. coming to the Wii on Tuesday, Brian decided to replay the DS game. “Maybe it’s just nostalgia kicking in, but when I leaped through the eight worlds of New Super Mario Bros. today, I felt this game take control of my senses in a way that Super Mario World did when I was a child.” It certainly does that — Nintendo did an amazing job of making an ancient game feel new and fresh. Brian’s review is extensive. Is there anything he didn’t like about the game? “Really, there isn’t much bad I can say about New Super Mario Bros., except that it ends relatively quickly.” True, the game is short and sweet.

Do Realistic Firefights and Amazing Visuals Make This Purchase a No-Brainer?
By Brian Shirk
This week, most FPS fans’ eyes were glued to Modern Warfare 2. Killzone 2, however, is a pretty good FPS as well — and you can never have enough of a good thing. Brian says, “Not only will Killzone 2 give you carpal tunnel syndrome 20 years down the line, it’ll also win over your precious eyes — whether they’re bloodshot or crystal clear.” The visuals are PS3 amazing, of course, but is the gameplay up to snuff? “Killzone 2 is a solid shooting experience that will likely appeal to fans of games such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Gears of War 2.” This sounds like the right direction for an FPS game.


Since When Did Warfare Become Fun? (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review)
By Brian Shirk
If you haven’t played Modern Warfare at this point, chances are you’ve missed out on one of the best multiplayer and single-player FPS experiences to light up a console. Brian agrees. “What I discovered during my second playthrough is what millions of people are already aware of — that Modern Warfare is easily one of the top three first-person shooters of this console generation.” I doubt anyone can say anything new about this incredible title, but Brian tries. “One of the reasons why Modern Warfare’s unique missions are so fun is because of the satisfying gameplay that lurks beneath its pretty exterior.” It’s absolutely true.

South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Review!
By Rob Thomas
South Park does not have a stellar history when it comes to video games. This game does seem to be a little different than the rest. “Tower defense may not seem like the first genre you would think of when pitching a new game idea based on a long running series like this — I admit that it caught me very off-guard — but upon a bit of reflection, it actually does work.” Innovative ideas in TV-to-game ports are sorely lacking. “It really is sad when a game’s single-player mode shows its weakest face, though, since this is the mode most players will be spending their time with.” Sounds like a fun multiplayer experience and a somewhat weak single-player game. At least it’s not all bad.

IQuickies: Eliminate
By Stephano Nevarez

Stephano tells Bitmob about the best of the latest iPhone titles. This week we look at an FPS. How well does it control on the iPhone? “They were able to simplify the controls to the point where I found controlling the game far more streamlined than I had imagined.” That sounds great since controls on the iPhone are hit-and-miss. “In the end I found Eliminate to be great surprise, from the game to the carrots to the premium currency.”