In recent times most “Western” Games get banned in other countries.  Now I bring this up for two reasons really.  So if you want to know lets get this Discussion Topic Started.


Hellforge recently found out from a source that Russia is recalling all Modern Warefare 2 games.  Now this does not come as a surprise to me after reading fellow Bitmobber Jacob Hinkle article Now Boarding: Terrorism. 


Other countries like Australia have banned games like Dark Sector, Dead Space & countless other games.  Even Europe has banned games that have come from these Western Shores due to the dislikes or over scrutiny of how we put things in games.  So now is a bold question for you all to think about then answer.


If another country out side the western sphere put out a Shooter, Adventure or any other game on the market.  With the setting in the Western sphere that showed violence against us would that be banned from our eyes?  So could you bear to play a game that showed your back yard with violence even if it is in a video game?