google corporate intranetGoogle is about to make it easier for businesses to get started with Google Sites, its tool for internal collaboration sites and public websites, by offering templates for creating starter sites.

Sites is intended primarily as a way for companies to share their documents, videos, and other material either internally or externally. (It’s pitched as a competitor to Microsoft SharePoint.) For example, Google’s PR team uses it as a way to share all the relevant materials about a news announcement with the press.

The product launched in February 2008, and Google says it now has tens of millions of users. The ease with which you can get up-and-running is supposed to be a big selling point, and the templates should help with that — instead of creating something from scratch, you can just select a Google design for a company intranet, project website, team website, employee profile pages, and more.

Google says it’s starting out with dozens of templates, and will allow outside designers to upload their templates as well. You can also create templates for use just within your company.

Google Sites is part of Google Apps, the company’s bundle of business applications that’s offered in free and pay versions.