admob-logoAdMob, the mobile ad network that Google plans to acquire for $750 million, announced that it’s supporting a new kind of iPhone ad — interactive video.

This is the first interactive video ad unit for iPhones, AdMob says. Mainly, the new feature allows application developers to run a video ad while the application is loading, the way video sometimes plays when you load a website. (You’re a big fan of those ads, right?) Advertisers can also introduce interactions into the video, such as the ability to tap a button to see more video or jump to a website. You can view a sample ad here.

Of course, slow or erratic network connections can be a problem with loading video on mobile phones, but AdMob says it will adjust video quality depending on network speed.

AdMob’s network reaches more than 20 million iPhones and iPod Touches, the company says. The interactive video ads will start to run this week.