facebookFacebook made its much-anticipated debut on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles this week.

Microsoft launched the Xbox 360’s integration with Facebook today, bringing social networking experiences into the living room. With it, you can update your status from the game console, browse updates from your friends, and view photos on your TV. Gamers can link their Facebook profiles to their Xbox 360 gamertags (unique identification on the game console) to find Facebook friends and connect with them via the Xbox Live online gaming service.

And Sony announced PS 3 support for Facebook yesterday. That means you can broadcast your Trophy information and PlayStation Network Store purchases on Facebook as well. You can also use the PS 3’s browser to check out your friends’ updates on the TV screen.

The whole idea is that games are more fun when you can play with your friends and share your achievements in games with them. But so far, it hasn’t been that easy to find friends on the game online networks.