As I type this my fingers are kinda sticky from eating this morning.  While eating I realized keyboards are kinda like a game controller for some people.  Then again while I take a moment to grab a bite and click on the read on button to see where this is going.



Most of today’s junkfood will make your hands sticky.  Yes, I am aware that maybe these are easy snacks to eat.  How ever for me sticky snacks hinder my gaming as I hate that feeling on the controller.  I will stop during the game to wash my hands before touching the controller again.  Sometimes I do forget and clean my controller after my gaming session.

After trying many foods while playing games I found out that most are difficult to eat while gaming.  Some of the foods I have tried to eat while gaming are: Ribs, Grilled ham & Cheese, Chips, homemade slushi, pasta and other stuff.

So while you are gaming what are some of the things you like to eat?  Do you eat while gaming and if so what do you think about how your controller feels?  What do you think of gamers who do eat while they game if you don’t eat while you game?